Jeremiah 29 and Matthew 7
God Seekers

Last week, we started a message series called “Fast Forward” in 2024. I preached a message to you from

Hebrews 6, which we found told us to grow up spiritually and move forward to further understanding the things of God.

In order to fulfill the purposes of God, we must be committed to His will in our lives. Distractions will try to get us off track. We’ve got to be determined to move forward in our walk with the Lord.
I have six things that I think we can do that will help us Hit Fast forward in our understanding of God’s purpose for our lives. Over the coming weeks, I’m planning to reveal each one of these secrets to hitting the fast-forward button in your life.
It’s important for our church to have people looking to accomplish God’s will in the world. I want our church to dream big. I want us to do all we can, for as many as we can, knowing that our plans and hopes will only be accomplished if God is on our side!

The modern church is determined to fill a calendar with EVENTS! Here’s the deal: I like church events, but I want MORE. I don’t want our church to measure success by how busy we can be and how many events we can fit into our calendar. No way! I want our church to be about equipping people to do the work of ministry. I want to do my very best to get you ready to accomplish God’s will for your life.  


So, over the next six weeks of my messages, I hope you’re ready to hit the fast-forward button. I’m going to share with you the six things that I hold as my personal values. Things I personally won’t compromise on in my life.


I'm glad you're here! I hope these messages help. 


-Pastor Shannon